5 Great Android Apps for Amazing Video Conferencing

Video conferencing makes our lives less difficult. Connecting with humans from school and enterprise has also been made possible due to video conferencing. In line with this, Android additionally allows its gadgets to do just that. In no unique order, right here are five Great Android apps for Amazing Video conferencing:

1. Qik Video Connect

The Android Qik’s interface is different with that of its iOs counterpart. The Android version has four blocks on its display every representing a certain function with its description. Its functions encompass Video Chat, Record and Share, Video Mail and Video Gallery. Although the Android model differs with the iOs model in its look, both have the identical functionality.

Aside from its Video Chat feature, every other thing which you could find exciting is the Video mail. It’s just like the Voice Mail however this time, it uses video. An gain of the Video Mail is that the high-quality of the video is higher than that of the live video chat given that it’s miles pre-recorded. The bad information is that you may now not be capable of use this service totally free after June 1 because they’ll be charging an annual charge for this carrier.

With Qik, you could also upload your videos to the net and percentage them via electronic mail and SMS. Although Qik has excellent functions, it is able to now not have the quality o baixakigeeks.com video chat enjoy. Right now, however, Qik is one of the nice alternatives among Video Conferencing Android apps.

2. Tango

The suitable element about Tango is that it permits it customers to have a go-platform video chat. That way you can have a video chat with a chum using an iOs even if you’re on Android-very cool indeed! Although Fring has this functionality, Tango ratings more points on the subject of video best and ease of use. With Tango, one also can make calls over 3G and 4G networks as nicely.

Finding your buddies using Tango is likewise made handy by this app. Tango can search through your Android or iPhone Address e-book for pals who’re on Tango and adds them into the app’s touch list. Also, setup of this app is pretty clean.

Three. Fring

Fring is user-pleasant. Its interface is neat and not cluttered. Even a first-time person would not have a trouble gaining knowledge of the app. Video Quality is right although no longer as true as FaceTime (iPhone). Its audio still has extra room for improvement. The correct thing, although, is that it could be downloaded from the Android website free of charge.

Four. Knocking Live Video

Knocking Live Video lets its consumer proportion live video from his cellphone to every other one’s. This Video-sharing app used to be available only in the iPhone. Now, it’s in Android-top information for Android fans! This is a go-platform app which means that that an Android person can percentage stay videos to a own family or friend who is the use of the iPhone. It’s one of the maximum famous social network apps these days and you could down load this app free of charge.

5. Skype

Skype is undeniably one of the excellent in VoIP apps round. Unfortunately, Android Skype would not have video conferencing with the