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The Garden of England – Exploring the Benefits of Living in Kent

From its ancient castles to its beautiful coastlines, Kent is often referred to as ‘The Garden of England’. It’s no wonder why this county is such a popular area for many people to call home. Here we will explore why you should consider living in Kent and what it has to offer young families.

What Does Kent Have to Offer?

When it comes to living in the UK, few areas can rival the beauty and offerings of Kent. From major cities like Canterbury and Dover to quaint towns like Sandwich, there is something for everyone here. This county also boasts some incredible natural scenery, from rolling hillsides to sandy beaches and coastal walks. The combination of both urban and rural attractions makes it an ideal place for young families looking for a little bit of everything. There are plenty of housing areas which are up and coming for families – check out houses for sale in East Malling for instance!

Kent’s Education System

Education is incredibly important for any family moving into a new area, so luckily within Kent, there are some excellent schools available. As well as state-run primary and secondary schools, there are also several private schools that provide a great education for students all across the county. With such an extensive range of options, parents are sure to find a school that best suits their child’s needs and aspirations.

Transport Links

Living in any new area can be daunting without good transport links around it, but fortunately, this isn’t something you need to worry about when looking at living in Kent. Buses run regularly throughout the county and plenty of trains connect its towns with London or other major cities nearby such as Brighton or Portsmouth. And if you ever plan on travelling further away then Gatwick airport is just an hour away by car!

In conclusion, if you are looking for an area with stunning natural beauty combined with easy access to urban attractions then look no further than Kent – The Garden Of England! With excellent education opportunities plus great transport links both within the county itself or outside of it, young families should feel confident that this would be a safe and secure place for them to call home. So what are you waiting for? Explore all that Kent has to offer today!